Gringos in the Garbage

a feature documentary
Scavenging for answers is never a waste.

How do they do it?
How do they live in a garbage dump?

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The Film + The Book + The Soundtrack + Bonus Features

About the Gringos

Beyond their western and white-male privilege Warren FitzGerald and Jess Rothenburger have little in common. Warren is a bachelor Englishman who earns his living as a professional writer with a background as a social worker and musician. He lives half the year in his suburban house in North London and the other half indulging his passion for travel and avoiding the cold at his beach side bungalow in Sri Lanka. He sees the world through a creative, sensitive lens.

On the contrary, Jess is Canadian and lives in a small city with his wife and young kids in Western Canada. Jess has a background in the non-profit sector and used to run his own travel company, but currently earns his living as a home-technologist. His lens is more academic and analytical.

Warren and Jess met on a ‘volunteer vacation’ in Rwanda in 2009. Despite their different realities, they connected based on their mutual fascination with the developing world and their obsession with getting to know people by participating in their lives. Since 2009 the two Gringos have traveled the world together, looking for authentic experiences of what it means to live in the so-called ‘developing world’.

In 2014 they partnered in the creation of the full feature documentary ‘Gringos in the Garbage’.

Gringos in the Garbage: The Book


A Look Inside

Excerpt from Gringos in the Garbage: The Book

It’s 4:50am. The packs of dogs that roam the streets at night have been quiet for an hour or so. Our rooster, who can’t ever seem to get his cry in tune, squawks his cock-a-doodle-don’t back at some other cockerel a few streets away and then, as predictable as the barks of the canines or the screech of the fowl, comes the boom of Boney M from the neighbour’s stereo.

We are curled up on the wicker bases of wooden bed frames in a shack of corrugated metal sheets in one of the poorest communities in Nicaragua and yet many households it seems can afford a stereo with woofers that can shake your very bowels- or perhaps that’s just the bug in my colon reminding me of the last twenty four hours I spent vomiting and bent double with cramps.

Gringos in the Garbage: The Soundtrack


Gringos in the Garbage: Bonus Features

The Return to El Limonal

Bonus Video

​Over 100 Still Photos

Exclusive Photos From the Gringo’s Journey in El Limonel

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The Film + The Book + The Soundtrack + Bonus Features